About Us

Standout Pressure Washing Services is a company who works for the satisfaction of the customer because doing what you love to do is not a job. We enjoy making sure the customer is overwhelmed with the Service that was provided. With the advance techniques and methods, we understand that you cannot just go and pressure wash a home exterior or building without causing damage, that why we ensure that the customer is educated on the benefits and dangers, of not having your investment cleaned by an professional. And we will go over the cleaning process that we take to making their investment standout. I started into the pressure cleaning industry over 20 years ago and it was inside of processing plants. I worked my way up from being a simple cleaner to one of the best on up to an account manager and that is where I got my customer service experience, I learned that no matter how good you may be at cleaning, you have to understand the customer and their expectations. I have worked for company's who start out servicing the customer and then it becomes get all you can get from a customer. I promise to always put myself in the customer shoes when I am delivering a service. So, Standout is out to give the best customer service and the best quality of service because we want to know that you are beyond please with the service.

Areas of Service

City: South Bend, Notre Dame, Mishawka, Bremen, St Joseph ,Elkhart,


Olive , Cleveland, Centre, Baugo, Greene, Portage

Phone: [ 574) 413-4862 ]

Email: [ standoutpressurewashing22@gmail.com ]

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Dedication always make a way.